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There are many houses for sale, you are only looking for one. The Internet gives you, as a home seeker, the opportunity to explore the housing market extensively. Not only on the homes themselves, but also many tips that would enable you to buy a home independently.

In this transparent housing market, why would you engage your own real estate agent when buying a home?

LDB Makelaardij:

  • Gives you advice about the structural condition;
  • Saves you time, because the employees at the office are familiar with what you are looking for;
  • Is aware of relevant environmental factors;
  • Has the necessary legal knowledge;
  • Can determine the fair value of the home;
  • Is due to his extensive network often just a little bit earlier informed when your dream home comes up for sale;
  • Specialized in negotiating, resulting in a lower purchase price;
  • Is the person who has a businesslike, practical and objective view of the home, where you as a buyer often assess the home based on emotion;
  • Ensures that the timescales of sale and purchase match well;
  • Takes the administration off your hands and checks all documents carefully;
  • Is there if you need advice and guidance afterwards in case of unexpected problems?
  • Is a sounding board and is only on your side;
  • Has good contacts with professional financial advisers.
  • LDB Makelaardij negotiates smartly and rationally for you, so that the lowest possible purchase price is always negotiated for you and with the right conditions.

Specializes in buying homes for our client; Has specialized employees to guide the seekers. Has a team of well-trained employees, so you can expect excellent quality service.

There are also special notary rates at some notary offices that we work with.

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